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Why Many Designs Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid It

Why Many Designs Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid It


“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” –Ralf Speth

The success of your business does not only rely on the products and services you offer. It also counts on the effective web design of your websites. This could be avoided by having the solutions such as being consistent with your layouts, themes or colors, using fonts, designs and much more.

However, though you have a great web design, it still fails in some of the following areas:

Making Typography Choices for Better Readability

Making Better Typography Choices for Better Readability

(Image Credit: Source)

To build a successful website, typography matters a lot. Using website templates to build a website is fine. As they are designed with worthy type choices. As type choices can make or break your design. However, this falls bad because of using different sets of fonts and font sizes that would give the visitors a hard time of reading it.

Poor Use of Graphics, Images or Animations

Images, graphics and animations are a great way to make a great design but including too many images or animations that do not fit your website could lead to a bad review.

Cluttered pages with Kerning Type and More Whitespace

Images with Too Many Colors

(Image Credit: Source)

These designs are good at some point but using it too much could ruin the entire design of your website. Hence, you need to balance the usage.

Unorganized Content Leads to Weak SEO

Content can be beneficial to get higher search engine rankings, but an unorganized and unoptimized content may lead to weak SEO. To attract visitors to your website, a well-organized content with headings, subheadings, bullets, paragraphs would make the visitors less confused in the things you want to convey.

Poor Navigation

Navigation lets the visitor have an easy access to your website. However, design fails if the customer could not fully explore the part of your website he or she wants to.

Bad Web Page Design

Having free html5 responsive website templates could give you an option of using an already built website templates. In doing so, it would be more cost effective to design your website.

Using Too Many Elements, Color and Too-trendy design

Images with Too Many Colors

(Image Credit: Source)

Using too many elements could affect the design of the site, the best thing to do is to use the right number or elements to ensure a consistent approach.

Inconsistent Interface Design

In building a website, an inconsistent interface would be confusing to the visitor. Hence, make sure you would use a consistent interface to have a successful result.

Not User-Friendly Screen Resolution

Using a good quality website template let you have a friendly screen resolution. making it easy for the visitor to look at your site and access it.

Complicated Registration Forms

Simple and Clean Registration Form

Target's simple registration form makes pain-free registration process.

By making the registration forms easy to fill out would encourage visitors to register themselves on your site easily.

Unappropriate File Formats

Unappropriate file formats may lead to bulky and slow websites. While saving files, you should use appropriate file formats which are easy, fast and reliable.


The success of the design of your website relies on the effective use of the elements of design whether its line, shape, size, texture or color. Great designs are simple and usable while focusing on alignment, repetition, contrast and space, So make sure you keep these points in mind while designing.

Share your thoughts on designing in the comment box below.


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